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How does this RP area work?

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How does this RP area work?

Post by Tyler on 9th February 2014, 1:23 pm



So you're a roleplayer, I'm guessing. Otherwise, I have to wonder why you decided to read this! Haha, just kidding. So this should hopefully provide clear information on how you can go about roleplaying to your hearts content on a site that looks like there's no clear direction.


The very first thing you need is to make sure you have a member's account, like mine is Tyler. That way you can post in the Player's Role category. Then, you have three boards to look at. The first is Roleplays.


We prefer you to be at least thirteen (13) years of age to use the Site. That being said, inside the roleplay board is your unlimited creations and ideals. Not everyone likes the same kind of roleplay/fandom/etc so this board has very little rules and restrictions. However, there are few that need to be followed.

If you post a roleplay with mature content, on your Title of the topic, include a "[M]" for that indication. PG-13 would be "[PG13]" Everything else can be left unmarked. Mature content would include, but not limited to, extreme gore, extreme violence, murder, sexual mention or detail, etc.I do NOT want to see ANY pedophilia, rape (can be mentioned as past history of the character), active child abuse (can be mentioned as past history of the character), shooting, or active murdering (such as the details of killing someone at that very moment in the rp).

How do you start a roleplay? Well just start a new topic with this button , put in an awesome Title in Title of the topic. Give the Description (it's preferred that you put any warnings, fandom use, etc here) and write your roleplay!

To improve chance of someone actually replying to your roleplay, if you're using a canon world of a fandom (the main plot and sticking to those details), you should probably state your OC character (with a link to their profile. It's recommended to provide one in CHARACTER CREATION) or state if it's a canon character and at what point in time in the canon world (ie: Pre-HarryPotter, Pre-LOTR Battle, etc).

If you're using an AU world, it's recommended to provide a profile to your character from CHARACTER CREATION, a plotline of your world in the PLOTTER WORLD, and some little details to help entice members to join you.

You can always snatch a member and plot behind the scenes, then post your roleplay straight away without needing to provide details. This can be done by PMing members, conversing in the chatboxes, or just skyping/messaging other roleplay members here.

The second board is Plotter World


In the PLOTTER WORLD board, you'll find it easy to just start a new topic and provide either the plot to an AU world, plot to canon world with small changes, your character's own plot, etc. You can even post articles you think might help other roleplayers. Just be mindful not to flame or bash anyone (meaning, don't say negative and hurtful things about members or roleplayers).


Here you can post information about your character you're using in the RPG board, character's you need help developing (state as such if that's the case), characters you want to showcase, etc. You can even post information about personality quizzes, items that might help develop characters, etc. The skies the limit here!


GM is when one handler actively roleplays another character's actions that are not their own. Such as "Daniel shot Carrie and she died". Carrie is not your character, so you're controlling her reaction.

Please understand that there are limitless characters you can create here on The Muse for the purpose of roleplaying in our area. That being said, do not GodMod anyone's character in the roleplay area without their express permission. If you GM, at the end of the post you'll need to put "(HANDLER) gave permission for (CHARACTER NAME OF OTHER HANDLER) to be GMed here" with Handler and Character Name of Other Handler filled in by who they are.


Please keep in mind that not every member knows the inner workings of your mind. That's why most might stick to the canon plots, as they'll at least know the background history. If you're going for an AU route (say, the brother to the boy-who-lived), you might find it ideal to provide some sort of background history to your character in PLOTTER WORLD or CHARACTER CREATION.

Third person roleplay is the general default of most roleplays, so if you're desiring to roleplay in first person, you might want to put a head's up about that.

Just because your character is a bully, doesn't mean  you should be a bully to the handlers. Keep that in mind and don't take offense to attacks on your character. If you do, your character is in danger of being a Mary-Sue/Gary-Sue (someone deemed as perfection, has no mistakes, and can often be the handler's desired self, etc).


Keep it Kind. Do Not harass other members on the site or bully. No cruel critique and no flaming the other. This site was created for the purpose of helping, not belittling and discouraging.



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