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Queen Serenity

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Queen Serenity

Post by Guest on 8th April 2014, 4:41 pm

Name: Queen Serenity
Age: ageless
Birthday: September 12
Overall Appearance: Tall and slender with long silver hair that nearly reaches the floor, done up in two bun like pigtails flowing on either side of her head. Most often wears a white gown that touches the floor and has the symbol of an upturned crescent moon on her forehead.
Personality: As ruler of the silver millennium, Serenity is kind and fair, but can be stern, especially towards her only child, Princess Serenity. She relies on her advisers and female warriors and respects their advice and input in given circumstances.
History: Queen Serenity the 12th, is the Queen of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Millennium. She has forged an alliance with eight of the nine planets, who are okay with her as the supreme ruler. Earth does not share an alliance with the Moon, though Serenity has been trying to establish an alliance for centuries. She is trying to raise her daughter to be the next queen, and intends to step down when she believes that her daughter is ready to assume the throne.

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