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RP 1: Creating a Character

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RP 1: Creating a Character

Post by Tyler on Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:35 pm

Article I. Part I: The Reasons
You see those long profiles filled to the brim with detailed questions and you freeze. What in the world are you supposed to put? You can't possibly come up with an answer to all of those questions!

You can actually.

Picture yourself standing at your front door and low and behold, some neighbor just moved in! You, the ever curious bugger that you are, snoop towards the bushes and spy on them.

There are a million of details you pick up about them, like perhaps they have an ugly vase with a picture of Hercules on it and one of them smells like rusty nails? While you don't notice everything about them in one go, there are things you can't help but pick up on because it strikes you.

A character is just as much that new neighbor. You don't know everything yet, but there are things you come to learn about them as you go. Maybe you don't want to pick up such obvious or such meager facts, but they all lead to who someone is.

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Re: RP 1: Creating a Character

Post by Tyler on Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:55 pm

Article I. Part II: The Profile
    The Generals
  • Full Name: Generally, everyone has a full name. Some may claim that their character does not have one or doesn't remember, but they do. Whether it's only a first name or last name, there's a full name somewhere. That name your mother screams when she's mad at you? That's your full name. Usually it'll consist of a First, Middle and Last name with the occasional suffix (ie: I, II, SR, JR) involved if your character comes from one of those sort of families.
  • Nickname: Not everyone necessarily has a nickname, or a nickname that is even a nickname, but nicknames define how a person is seen by someone. I get called Ty all the time and that seems slightly less serious than Tyler. It's all in how you WANT your character to be seen. Like Alexander is formal but Al, Lexi, Xander, Andy, Lex are not.
  • Birthday: Now this, every single person has. There's twelve months out of the year and depending on what month you choose, 28-31 days involved. Mentioning the year is helpful too, but I suggest looking at the date on the roleplaying board you are on. Saying you're 18 and putting the date 1980 but the board is set in 2012 might not exactly work unless you're a traveler.
  • Age: This is the tricky bit because depending on the board, it'll change a lot if the terms of say a school (ie Hogwarts Prime) switches a lot like two months real life equals a term, then this has to be modified quite often, but you can always put child, student, etc there.
  • Birthplace: As much as everyone likes putting America, UK, China, etc. There are actual cities you can put here. Give your character a particular place they were born. Depending on the city can also show why your character acts like they do.
  • Current Home: Again, there are actual cities you can put here and this one matters more because your character is currently residing here.
  • Blood Status: This one pertains to Harry Potter a lot more, but there are sites that blood status could be like half-breeded wolf or something so this is just as important. Think about how many full-bloods/purebloods there are when choosing your blood/power/creature status. Also note that a pureblood wizard might not be educated in the fundementals of a cellphone like a muggleborn. Try not to have a pureblood who knows everything, or a muggleborn who knows wizarding culture.

  • Appearances: This is very important because it's the appearance that defines what people in game might think of you. Maybe that chick behind door number five had bright green eyes, but a terrible red hairdo. The features strike the person the most, like what society thinks of blondes and brunettes.


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