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Grace Loughlin

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Grace Loughlin

Post by Holly on 24th June 2014, 4:37 pm

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Re: Grace Loughlin

Post by Holly on 24th June 2014, 4:37 pm

Name: Loughlin, Grace Evelyn.
Age: 16
D.O.B:  June 06, 1987
Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Blood Status: Halfblood

Playby: Rosie Tupper
Hair: Medium-short, light brown.
Eyes: Green
Remarkable Features: Has a small scar across the bridge of her nose from running into the wall at Diagon alley and cutting herself on the underside of a brick, partially obscured by freckles.  Has another small scar behind her ear from an unfortunate run in with a Niffler.   Has a moderately large birthmark on the back of her head, which is usually hidden by her hair.
Clothing Preferences: Casual, usually favours muggle wear. Prefers skirts, jeans, jumpers and sneakers. Flatly refuses to wear wizarding robes or dresses.
Wand: 12 inches, Rowan and Dragon Heartstring. Slightly springy.

Family Tree:
Mother:  Tamsin Loughlin-Brown (40) (nee MacDade) -- Muggleborn-- Healer at St. Mungo's.
Father: Jack Loughlin (42) -- Pureblood-- Reporter for the Prophet -- Missing; presumed dead.
Step-Father: Colton Brown (44) -- Halfblood-- Healer at St. Mungo's.
Step-sibling: Benjamin Brown (18) --Halfblood -- Ministry Official; Goblin Liaison Office.
Paternal Grandfather: William Loughlin (73)-- Pureblood -- Retired Cursebreaker.
Paternal Grandmother: Evelyn Loughlin (70) (nee Crane) --Pureblood-- Retired Ministry official -- Deceased.
Maternal Grandfather: Oliver MacDade (70) -- Muggle -- Professor at the University of Glasgow.
Maternal Grandmother: Molly MacDade (68) (nee Smythe) -- Muggle-- Retired Accountant.

Tamsin MacDade met her husband during a rather unfortunate event at St.Mungo's.  A patient had escaped from the Janus Thickey ward, and the manhunt required to catch the escapee was a lovely bit of fodder for reporters.  Enter Jack Loughlin, the rather gangly, sandy-haired imp recently hired by the Daily Prophet and desperate for a story.

It wasn't necessarily love at first sight (to this day Tamsin claims she nearly hexed him when he first asked her out,) but by the time the two were in their late twenties, they were married and Tamsin was expecting Grace.

On June 6th, Grace Evelyn Loughlin was welcomed into the world.  Both of her parents doted on her constantly, which led her be just the slightest bit spoiled as she grew older.  And while she loved both of her parents dearly, she was very much Jack's little girl; always leaping before she looked and more often than not getting into mischief.

When Grace was four, she met a boy named Casey while on vacation with her parents in Birmingham.  The two were fast friends, and continue to be, despite not seeing each other for months at a time and communicating mostly by letters.

When Lord Voldemort returned, Jack wasted no time joining up with the resistance. Tamsin, however was more cautious, fearing for the safety of Grace and herself.  The family spent nearly a year apart, Jack on the run while Tamsin and Grace clung to the last vestiges of normalcy.  When Albus Dumbledore died,  Tamsin and Grace left to find Jack. They eventually met up in London and stayed together until late April when Jack left again to join the forces supporting Harry Potter.

When Voldemort fell, Tamsin and Grace traveled to Hogsmeade in search of Jack.  According to those present at the battle of Hogwarts, Jack had been there, but by the time the battle had ended he simply... Wasn't.

Heartbroken, Tamsin and Grace relocated to London on a more permanent basis.  Tamsin found work at St.Mungo's, as well as comfort in the arms of one Colton Brown, a fellow healer four years her senior.  The two were married just shy of two weeks ago, and Grace feels somewhat lost in all of the hustle.

She knows she should be happy for her mother, and for herself now that she has a "whole" family again, but she clings to the belief that her father is still alive and at large. This leads her to resent her step-father and her step-brother Ben, both of whom she finds overbearing, owlish and boring.

She takes comfort in the letters from Casey and the fact that soon she will be done with her studies and free to go where life takes her.

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