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Arthurian Legend RP

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Arthurian Legend RP

Post by Buggy on 4th July 2014, 9:47 pm

Okay, so, this is the old Arthurian Legends, since there are so many differences in this fandom, I have put each characters place beside their name, to some what clear things up.
Morgous and Morgona and most Morgous's sons are evil, and as usual trying to take Camelot as are many other bad guys, so yah, just kinda play out in these loose guidelines 

I'll set some ground rules

1. Try to stay in character, so I'm sorry, but Mordred will not be riding unicorns

2. Be nice, be fair.

3. Because you need at least three rules because just two is not right, um...oh yah, I'm not saying "no lemons" let's just keep the intensity and amount of it to a minimal okay? Okay.


Arthur Pendragon (King) - 

Guinevere Pendragon (Queen) -

Morgona Le Fay (Sorceress) - 

Accolon  (Morgana's lover)-

Merlin (sorcerer)-

Nimue (Merlin's lover) -

Blanchefluer (Percival's wife) -

Percival (Knight) - 

Lancelot (knight/Guinevere's lover)- 

Gawain (Knight/Orkney brother) -

Bruin (knight) -

Dagonet (Court Jester to Arthur) -

Dindrane (Percival's sister) -

Morgous (Sorceress/Morgana's sister/ Orcne brothers mother) -

Gaharis (Orkney brother) -

Gareth (orkney brother, Husband to Lyonesse) -

Mordred (Orkney brother/Sorcerer) -

Lyonesse  (wife to Gareth)-

King lot (Morgous's husband) -

Lady of the Lake -

Sagramore (knight) -

Tom a'Lincoln (Arthur's illegitimate son) -

Urien (Morgana's husband) - 

Ywain (Uriene illegitimate son) -

Yah so, you can pretty much play most of them however you want, just keep the main characters personalities in check, since we don't have a clear idea of what most of these characters personalities are.

Pick out whoever you want and I will add your name to the list above to show the character is taken 

Also, here are the Orkney brothers age's to keep out of confusion 

Agravain: 26

Gawain: 24

Gaharis: 22

Gareth: 21

Mordred: 18

Please post the link to an OC character you might have made below Smile

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Re: Arthurian Legend RP

Post by Buggy on 4th July 2014, 9:48 pm



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Re: Arthurian Legend RP

Post by Buggy on 8th July 2014, 5:50 pm

Mordred (Orkney Brother/Sorcerer): Played by: ANNE REDWOOD



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Re: Arthurian Legend RP

Post by Sponsored content

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