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Hello There

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Hello There

Post by Hinrey Snakespear on 19th May 2015, 2:59 pm

Yo, I'm Hinrey Snakespear. Not my real name, just a silly pseudonym I came up with several years ago, if you didn't gather.

So I'm an artist of sorts, although I don't do anything really traditional such as painting or drawing, my mediums are writing, music, and video. I love to tell stories, sometimes as straightforward as possible, and other times as intricate yet nonspecific as possible, I try to keep my horizons relatively broad.

A little bit about me, I'm born and raised American, from the awful state of Georgia, home of bad music and lots of pollution. Ok, so the music isn't "bad" per-se, just not my tastes. Sadly I don't get to travel much, although I've been to some places, it's usually by sheer luck that I leave the state, or my town... or my house. I used to take martial arts, so if I threaten you chances are I'm probably joking because I know better than to actually hurt people.

Style-wise most of my work tends to lean towards the dark side, I love the unknown and topics that aren't usually covered in honest and brutal ways. So when writing a story I'll tend to lean towards, if the setting is fantasy, demonism and the like, with music I tend to lean towards minor scales and dissonant chords to add a gruesome texture to my compositions, and I'm still getting my footing with video making.

But I do seem to have fallen into a thousand and one tangents here, so yeah, that's a little bit about me, hopefully you can make sense of my gibberish,

au revoir,
-Hinrey Snakespear
Hinrey Snakespear

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