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Post by Tyler on 12th January 2014, 3:06 pm


Well heyo there. I'm Tyler, the creator of this site "The Muse" or "Museless". Currently I am 20 years old and will turn 21 next year in February. I have a small maltese dog named Miloh and I live in Texas, USA. I spent a few years of both middle school and high school with acting in plays and being the school's webmaster for the online newspaper. That's pretty much all I'm willing to say there.

Well, I've been a writer since I was five, always getting into trouble at the daycare or school for some reason because I wrote stories on the back of my homework. That must've been a little premonition to my admiration for picking up a pencil and just letting the words flow.

I was 13 years old by the time I got my first invite by email to a roleplay site. Sadly, it's long dead, but I later continued to host different sites until I stopped with Hogwarts Prime and decided to just try my hand at a non-rpg site that focuses on different aspects.

I've been designing different graphics for about four years now, usually only designing in my spare time when I don't feel the need to write. I took a few classes and I own Photoshop CS6, so I suppose I might have a small bit of talent with it. Not much, mind you.

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