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Post by Guest on 12th January 2014, 4:02 pm

Watashi wa Natasha desu. But y'all can just call me Nat ^^ I have a big interest in YouTube, Anime, Writing, Homestuck, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, and just Video Games in general. Also I should mention that my favorite color is O R A N G E. I live with a set of parents, three stooges, and a fat ass dog, but what can I do about that?

I've been RPing for a couple years, and I've always been literate to the painful point of not even being able to stomach any sort of illiteracy I might see within any story or RP. I'm currently twenty years old, and I'll be twenty-one in December of this year. So let's just say that I've got a long way to go until my next birthday. I'm a big fan of what I like to call malicious anime and games, so there will be occasions when I will mention Corpse Party or Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. For some reason, games and anime with blood, gore, and killing doesn't bother me. Then again, I've typed up a crazy person before so it helps to get in the mindset I suppose.

I mainly love dogs, but cats are okay too. I'm currently going to be attending college[Tuesday it starts] for Journalism, so my classes will mainly deal with writing and books, which are two things that I love to have in my life. I currently have a cult following of more than 400 people on deviantArt for my Homestuck fanfics, so you'll find me there more often than not.

I like to dabble in Graphic Design as well. My Photoshop never goes unused when The Muse hits me, and sometimes I crawl out of the CS4 hole with a prize to be presented. I like to think that in graphic making, I'm fairly average, but I do have a lot to learn still.

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