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Owning a Club

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Owning a Club

Post by Tyler on 12th January 2014, 7:07 pm

Want to own a club with it's very own usergroup and board to visit? Well, you'll be able to buy one here.

Purchasing an Ad space on Side panels -- 10,000 stars.
Purchasing a UserGroup -- 2,500 stars.
Purchasing a Board -- 1,000 stars.
Purchasing a Rank -- 1,500 stars.

You'll also need at least two other people to vouch for the club and one admin to approve the club. Other members of your desired club can offer to pay for part of the costs. Fill the form out below to purchase them.

Club Guidelines and Rules
Clubs are groups who connect with the same activity or interest. In order to create a club please follow these rules and fill in the forms below.

1. Nothing inappropriate for PG-13 unless explicitly stated as a PG-13 or higher type club.
2. No violence or vulgar language.
3. If you are caught doing anything from the above two rules, your club is disbanded.
4. If your club is disbanded for a violation, you are able to reclaim it so long as you are able to prove that the incident will not be repeated.
5. You can disband your club by PMing Tyler.

ID Number Location: (It's the ID number at the end of the link to your profile.)

**Creation Form

* [b]Username ID:[/b]
1. What is the name of the club?
2. How many members have expressed interest so far? Please name them.
3. Who are the leaders? (Maximum is three)
4. What is the intention of the club?
5. Are you purchasing any usergroup, board, rank, or ad space with this?



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